Trikaipetta, discovering bamboo

« One day, one discovery » : the time of hope, on the road to 2021… How beautiful our planet is! D-2

On a hike with Anoop in the village of Trikaipetta to learn how to recognize the different spices of the Wayanad…

…let yourself be carried away by the spirit of the mountains all around…

… and enjoy the rice fields of « Vayal Nadu » – the land of rice fields – coconut palms, banana trees, coffee trees, rubber trees and the famous bamboos…

Arriving after a good little walk in a local bamboo handicraft workshop.

Admire the patient work of the women in the workshop.

Scrutinize the details of the construction.

Take advantage of the meeting to do some shopping; coasters with tribal art, bamboo spoons, bracelets full of charm.

Resume hiking in a totally exotic environment.

This time reaching the cooperative in Uravu, an indigenous centre for science and technology around bamboo.

Distinguish a few first creations and a few tools… placemats and table runners made with unparalleled care.

Falling for a moment in ecstasy before the know-how of the artist who, in a perfect mastery of his art, handles his bamboo loom with dexterity.

To be amazed at the creativity and inventiveness expressed here. Immerse yourself in a bath of well-being.

Remain amazed at the ingenuity deployed here. You don’t need electricity to amplify the sound of your smartphones, here it’s form and material that do the job and it works wonders!

Stroll for a while longer in the different rooms, meet other artists, stroll under the magical chandeliers and feel completely in harmony with the surrounding nature, which here asserts itself in other ways. Going home for lunch with a smile on your face will make you happy to have made such beautiful discoveries.

Par Nathalie

Translated with (free version)

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