The pakoras of Bhuvan and Tilak, pakorawalas in Old Delhi and Deshnoke

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Bhuvan and Tilak are both street vendors of pakoras. The pakoras are these delicious doughnuts, made with chickpea flour, spiced and sold by the pakorawalas in all the streets. They are eaten in railway stations, on the sides of Indian roads and near markets.

Bhuvan is a salesman in Old Delhi a stone’s throw from the Jama Masjid, just down the stairs from the Great Mosque.

Tilak runs a small pakora shop at the exit of the Karni Mata Temple in Deshnoke.

Bhuvan and Tilak know that the best time to enjoy the pakoras is during the monsoon season. They are served with a good massala-chai to warm up. Bhuvan and Tilak prepare their spicy pakoras every morning just right. They have their regular customers because the pakora is a snack very appreciated by all, tourists or natives.

Tilak specialises in gobi pakoras, cauliflower fritters while Bhuvan prefers pakora palak to spinach or aloo pakoras to potatoes.

At the slightest feeling of hunger, it is always possible to find a pakora stand wherever you are. For all intents and purposes, Bhuvan and Tilak have kindly entrusted us with the recipe for these famous little doughnuts.

The recipe for Bhuvan and Tilak pakoras:

150 g of chickpea flour -125 g of spinach, cauliflower or peas- 1 onion- 2 cloves of garlic crushed with a small piece of ginger- 1 teaspoon of curry, curcuma- half a spoon of Ajwain seeds or thyme- 10 cl of water-salt, pepper, chilli petals according to your taste.

Mix the spinach or cauliflower with the onions, garlic and ginger. Add the spices. Sprinkle over the chickpea flour and mix with 10 cl of water. Add salt, pepper and spices as desired.

Make small balls and fry them in hot oil in a frying pan.

Bhuvan and Tilak advise us to drink them with a spicy chai tea. It is also possible to enjoy them with a good salad for a tasty and balanced dinner.

Serve while listening to good Indian music and imagine yourself dining near the Great Mosque in Old Delhi or in a lost railway station in Rajasthan. Taste sensations guaranteed!

Par Nathalie

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