Colourful scenes under the sun of the Thar Desert

Imaginary, culinary, sensory or cultural journeys… We portray the landscape, the character, the context… it’s up to you to dream and imagine what happens next…

Set off to meet the inhabitants of the Thar desert and fall under the spell of this life punctuated by the seasons.

In the heart of the desert where…

…in the middle of the villages, appreciate the small round constructions like small stone and earth mushrooms.

Often covered with cow dung, with their pretty thatched roof, they are also decorated with marvellous colourful rangoli.

Throughout the day, get to know the women who are busy preparing the dung cakes that will be used as fuel.

Exchange with the families who are building their future home and who just want to get to know each other.

Have fun with the children.

Take a little height from the terrace to get your bearings in this way of living which is so unusual for us.

Go shopping in the village shop under a blazing sun.

Sit down, with a few villagers, in a small gargote sheltered from the sun. Discuss, rebuild the world, not understand everything that is said and quench your thirst in good company.

In mid-afternoon, settle under the large loom and try to learn how to handle it under the wise advice of the weaver and his family.

Finally take the time to play hide and seek. Then admire the women chatting quietly in the corner of the wall, dressed in their sublime dresses in a variety of colours.

At the end of the afternoon, go inside, sit down with the mother and daughters to laugh and prepare dinner around the fireplace.

Realise that life in the desert villages is simple and peaceful. To savour the meeting with these families of the Thar and to be fulfilled beyond all hope by the richness of these good shared moments.

Par Nathalie

Translated with (free version)

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