And suddenly Paris awakens under the first rays of the sun.

It only took a few minutes, maybe even just a few seconds or tenths of a second for the sky to light up.

A short moment to give the city a new look. An antenna suddenly appears here, an emergency staircase stands out against the backdrop of the burning sky.

A few chimneys dance on a snow-covered roof taking advantage of these magical moments where life is reborn after the night and the sky bids farewell to the night.

A few tiny minutes, at that precise and precious moment when life roars in the skies and reminds us that the world is vast and infinite.

Life rustles here and there, birds chirp in the trees announcing with their cries that the king of life is rising on a corner of the world. In Paris as elsewhere, here is the sun.

The inhabitants of the Fourteenth begin to move behind the shutters that shine in the pastel colours that now light up the Parisian sky.

An aeroplane crosses the sky, carrying passengers on board who fly to other skies and sunrises.

Meanwhile, just a little further on, our neighbours from the Twelfth and Thirteenth discover the Great Library which is adorned with a thousand reflections.

On the Seine, the barges slowly come to life.

A bird passes by in the sky and enjoys watching the cranes begin their morning stretches while the balconies are ablaze with a thousand fires.

A cyclist takes advantage of the first glimmers to cross the Pont de Bercy and enjoy the view of Paris waking up under the first rays of the sun. A beautiful day for all! If you think about it, take a few minutes to raise your head and enjoy the sun’s rays!

Par Nathalie

Translated with (free version)

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