Why go to Pushkar?

2. To walk among the crowd and discover some of the 400 temples of the city

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In the early morning, be woken up by the unusual sounds around and go to the large catering tent. Discover with dazzled eyes the splendour of the elegantly served breakfast.

Once satiated, decide to go to the Pushkar-Fair to attend the presentation of the camels superbly adorned with colourful pompoms.

Be ecstatic in front of this spectacle with a thousand colours while discovering the know-how of the camel drivers of the Thar desert, this great Indian desert.

Begin to feel that our perception of the world is wavering because everything around us is so different from our habits.

In the stadium transformed for the occasion into a concert ground, the Mela Maiden welcomes all festival-goers.

This is where thousands of pilgrims and camel drivers gather every year. Discussions are going well on the plain and transactions are still going on.

Fall under the spell of the women of Rajasthan and their flamboyant ghunghat.

To rave again and again in front of the camels in luxurious tones, adorned with collars, made up, with teeth so brightly white that they could turn for a toothpaste advertisement, all this under the guidance of the desert men with shimmering turbans.

Take a moment to chat with a couple who are taking advantage of the fair to go for a camel ride and have their picture taken.

Stroll among the camels on the concert ground, then rest for a while under the shelter of the tents set up for the event.

Be enthusiastic about the multiple facilities that allow everyone to attend competitions of all kinds in the best conditions.

To melt once again into the heart of the crowd and immerse yourself in this painting of many colours. To let oneself be carried away by the human wave, to be simply happy to be part of the same and great humanity.

Take a tour to discover the holy city. Be amazed by the multitude of pilgrims dressed in saffron-coloured clothes.

Be astonished to see a small pharmacy along the way, so different from the temples of consumption that are the pharmacies in our regions.

A little further on in the course of the walk, distinguish a statue of Gandhi that invites us to take a time for meditation.

Choosing to plunge back into the narrow streets of the city of Pushkar and feeling carried along by the crowd that once again invites us to meet our humanity.

Enjoy the multitude of temples in Pushkar …

…and places of meditation. Symbols of spirituality present everywhere, at the heart of daily life, with or without artifice.

Approaching the sublime temple glimpsed on the horizon.

Be amazed by the splendour and majesty of the breathtaking Sikh temple of Gurudwara Sahib. To fall under the spell of places whose architecture introduces us to the spiritual dimension omnipresent in India.

Learn from talking to a few passers-by that there is only one large temple dedicated to Brahma in India and that it is located in Pushkar right in front of your eyes. Then catch a glimpse of the huge and patient crowd waiting at the entrance to go and pray there.

Set aside some time to also discover magnificent little temples that are well guarded and always well decorated.

Be amazed by the ever fascinating Dravidian architecture of the Jain Temple in Rangji. Estimate the work of men who, driven by their beliefs, have found the energy and talent to erect monuments whose finesse and attention to detail constantly challenge us.

Unfortunately, it will be impossible to visit the 400 or so temples in the city…

… and the surrounding hills. It will be an opportunity to come back next time to discover new ones…

…like the temples of Savitri and Pap Mochan which dominate the city at the top of the hills .

Next épisode : soon !

Par Nathalie

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