Let it bee… or the march for a real climate law

As the degrees continue to rise, as the pandemic takes its toll on the entire planet…citizens are standing up and marching for a real climate law…

Today on the blog, the floor is given to photos and banners. Take the time to look through them, they are inspiring, meaningful, moving, funny, relevant, engaging, motivating, infuriating…

They say the emotion, the awareness of humanity in favour of its home « planet earth ». They say that it is almost too late, but that if we all get involved, there is still time… Take the time to read them and ask yourself questions.

The floor is open to banners:

2 p.m., the weather is fine on this spring Sunday. Meeting point in front of the Opéra Garnier in Paris. We are already numerous.

The vegetarian option is the main course

Musicians, brass bands, they all mobilised… No less than 55,000 demonstrators in Paris and 110,000 throughout France, according to social networks. A breath of emotion is taking hold of us! I leave you now to ponder on the slogans written by everyone according to their daily life!

Listen to your children. Sauvez leur avenir
How to reduce CO2 emissions? You have a 4-hour train ride!

Here and there, we find known, loved and committed faces…

The music is in full swing and the atmosphere is great even if the hour is serious!

Change the system, not the climate
I love water. In 20 or 30 years there will be none left
Dinosaurs also thought they had time
When it’s melted, it’s gone
Change the system, not the climate

Everyone has their own slogan and the expressions have become more colourful.

Climate. The state can no longer do nothing
Justice at the heart of the 2030 Agenda
The average consumption of meat per person per year wastes 86,000 litres of water, or 2 baths per day
Climatosciatic. Fed up with unfulfilled promises
Forests precede men, deserts follow them
In real life, it’s hot
We are a huge force

The tireless fanfares accompany the movement and catch the eye.

Climate law = smoke and mirrors
Capitalism = destruction of nature = pandemics
Can he call himself a « representative » who does not listen to the citizens

Some chose to add colour and an artistic touch to the heart of the march.

Total you’re screwed, the amish are on the street
Doing things by halves is rarely effective. Half a climate law is not enough
Protect the planet, not the industries
Protect the dolphins, not Darmanin. There is no vaccine against melting permafrost

Here and there, we perceive beautiful touches of colour that remind us that the planet is made up of an infinite palette of tones from the brightest to the most pastel.

This is the bad « amazon » that burns
Save the planet, reconsider your plate
Advertising makes us think… well no, spend!
For a little money, they would kill land and sea. Learn to love it by protecting it instead of trying to possess it by destroying it. In 100 years, archaeologists will say we were crazy

And for us inhabitants of the 14th district, we can see familiar faces in the heart of the walkers.

Liberal ecology, the lie of capital
Time to land!!! Real climate law
No Planet B
Amazon is a forest !

Often, we are invited to become aware through humour.

In life there are those who have windmills and those who dig. We dig

In the end, we are amazed to be so numerous. We suddenly feel very small in front of this forest of signs and slogans, but there is no doubt that all together we are a huge force!

Par Nathalie

Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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