Follow the thread in the Medina of Essaouira


Imaginary, culinary, sensory or cultural journeys… We portray the landscape, the character, the context… it’s up to you to dream and imagine what happens next…

At a time when the Medina still seems to be half asleep, two women can be seen walking confidently, one behind the other, through the narrow streets of the neighbourhood.

One is European, the other is Souirie and both are friends. As soon as the streets allow it, they talk side by side, about anything and everything, like two friends who have known each other for many years and who share everything about their lives.

But what can they be looking for so early in the morning, walking together in these small cobbled streets with half asleep? Perhaps simply not to lose the thread of life, so precious to them? Those who have already walked the streets of the famous Essaouira know that here the thread is present everywhere and that it is always possible to catch up with it. Thick woollen threads from the carpets hanging on the old walls…

Threads of silk or fine wool from plaids, foutas and other fabrics hung on the fronts of small shops and all as colourful as each other.

Interlaced yarns, knotted or woven yarns, revealing geometrical patterns in multiple colours at the bend of a narrow passage.

Threads for summer clothes and colourful scarves. Colourful threads, entwined threads or tangled threads but threads that catch our eyes in wonder like the threads of a full life.

Threads from drapes or threads from bags of all sizes and shapes, in shimmering colours that catch the eye of walkers in the distance.

Recycled yarns diverted for creation and which give a new touch of beauty to the old streets of the Mogador. Threads of colour that revive everyday life and suspend the time of those who admire the works of the artists.

Threads stretched over nails planted along the city walls to prepare the coils of multiple colours, in which everyone takes care not to get tangled when walking through the narrow streets, often full of passers-by.

Threads well arranged in a magnificent gradation of colours in the weaver’s small shop, who takes care never to lose the thread of the conversation.

Par Nathalie

Translated with (free version)

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