Blue, more blue, sunshine and seagulls

As soon as you arrive from the station, just after a few hours by train, discover stretching your legs, the rows of seats and the gradation of blues on the Mediterranean.

Be greeted by the flight of seagulls…

…which spread their large wings under the rays of the sun.

The gaze carried away by a flight of birds accompanied by their powerful and distracting cries…

…fall under the spell of this marvellous shades of blue.

Decide to put down your suitcases and take the time to enjoy the sun, simply sitting facing the sea.

Take your eyes off the novel from time to time and let your gaze glide over the glacier blue to the azure blue through the turquoise blue.

Have fun watching the fishermen planting their lines all along the Promenade des Anglais.

Turn your head towards the « Beau Rivage » and appreciate the harmony that emanates from the horizon.

Beyond the gradation of blues on the waters, the coast is pretty and displays all its charms at the end of January.

Look all around you and see a sign announcing « Summer time ». Feeling as if you have finally returned to the summer season with its sunny skies.

Be astonished by a flight of seagulls in a squadron, each at equal distance from the others.

Then find other seagulls who let themselves be lulled by the waves.

Sitting down a little further away to try to unravel the mystery of the infinite blue of this sea…

… and its dividing lines between glacier blue and navy blue.

To be completely overjoyed to find the sun and the sea all dressed in blue, under a barely cloudy blue sky.

Par Nathalie

Translated with (free version)

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