Take a break in the sun…

Every day – even if it is virtual – it is essential!

Wherever you are, take a break in the sun. I invite you to take a break for a few moments and surf all day long 😉

Sit on the waterfront and enjoy the view in front of you. Also look to the sides and even behind you, don’t hesitate..

Gather good memories…Let the sun and the blue sky work their magic.

Don’t hesitate to change places to change your point of view, enjoy the moment, it’s not too crowded.

Sit on a terrace, if you prefer to contemplate the sea from a little higher up.

Choose the one you feel comfortable with.

Choose one at the very top to see into the distance.

Take a sunny one to replenish your vitamin D levels.

Admire the flight of the seagulls and their fiery dances on the sea.

Look at them as they fight over a place in the sun.

Appreciates to see when they fly over the sea, their wings all spread out in the reflections of the sun.

Walk a little further on, admire the well-stocked orange trees.

Hold out your hand and take the time to taste an orange quarter by quarter. Enjoy this tasty juice.

Come back at the end of the afternoon, the show is quite different and has just as much charm. Close your eyes for a short moment and keep these images engraved on your retina to chase away the greyness when it will bother you at other times.

Par Nathalie

Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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